Life at Deloitte

Meet Our Graduates          

Want to know what success really looks like at Deloitte? Meet our graduates Vidisha, Ross, Sybil, Ryan and William as they reveal how Deloitte supports them both personally and professionally.

Meet Sybil Smyth, Graduate in Tax

"Do not be afraid to take charge of your career and ask for experience in a particular area if it’s something that interests you. The opportunities are endless." Hear from Sybil on why she loves working at Deloitte.

Read more about Sybil's experience at Deloitte.

Meet Ryan Basquel, Graduate in Audit & Assurance

Winning a club All Ireland and working with a diverse team and making an impact. Ryan keeps going from strength to strength.

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Meet Vidisha Vishwasa, Graduate in Consulting Technology

Having recognised Deloitte’s brand from India, Vidisha knew she needed to join the team. Vidisha takes on new responsibilities while maintaining a good work/life balance.

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Meet Ross O'Neill, Graduate in Consulting

“Leaders at all levels” drew Ross to work at Deloitte. Tasked with big responsibilities, and raising money for charities with his colleagues, Ross has made an impact since day one.

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Meet William Egan, Graduate in Financial Advisory

Sport has always been an important part of William’s life and he has been heavily involved in the Cork Senior Hurling team for the last five years. The amenable and flexible environment at Deloitte allows William the time for training.

Read more about William's experience at Deloitte.

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