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Paul Sutton, Summer Intern in Audit

There are numerous ways an intern can make a difference at Deloitte. By adopting the correct mind-set from the offset interns can start making a huge difference from day one.

One thing I learned from my short period with Deloitte is that there is always someone in the office who would really appreciate your help and assistance. The best way for an intern to make an impact on Deloitte is by actively searching for work colleagues who you could be of assistance to and helping them complete their tasks.

In my opinion an internship with Deloitte serves as a six or twelve week interview while also allowing students to discover if they would be interested in working in professional services at Deloitte. If you approach your internship merely as a summer job in which you Clock-In in the morning and Clock-Out in the evening you will fail both at making a good impression on Managers/ fellow employees and at getting an thorough insight into life at a Big 4 Firm.

Managers do not expect an interns to re-structure Procter & Gamble during their six or twelve weeks with Deloitte. However, an intern can prosper by bringing a positive and constructive attitude to each task they are assigned to and enthusiastically looking to assist those around them in the office. This mind-set ensures that interns make a positive impact on those working with them.

In my limited experience I have found that the best way for an intern to impact positively on Deloitte is by carrying out a large number of small tasks in contrast to attempting to complete a small number of large complex tasks.

I would also advise incoming interns to do each task they receive to the best of their ability.

Often interns can get the smallest of tasks which they may view as irrelevant. However, the Deloitte system would fall apart if superiors were unable to rely on interns, co-ops or trainees to complete their work thoroughly and comprehensively.

In conclusion, if students want to maximise their internship with Deloitte they should adopt a positive and constructive attitude and complete their tasks to the best of their abilities.

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