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Rachel Maher

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Senior Consultant, Blockchain - Technology Consulting

What does a typical day look like in your role?

One of the brilliant aspects of life in the EMEA Blockchain Lab is that no two days are the same! I get to work on a variety of projects across a truly global team, collaborating with many of my worldwide colleagues every day.

The Lab in Dublin is the Deloitte Blockchain Centre of Excellence, giving us a real focus to remain on the leading edge of all Blockchain developments. Producing regular, meaningful thought leadership is critical to ensuring that our projects are considerate of all of the latest information.

Client projects are at the core of everything that we do in the Lab. I have had the opportunity to work with several global strategic clients in the Blockchain space, helping shape their Blockchain strategy from proof of concept stage to production. Client projects give me the chance to work with our wider team, bringing both a business analysis and technical perspective to the fore.

What attracted you to Deloitte as a career move? What development opportunities have you had since joining?

Deloitte is the perfect base for me to start my career from. My experience to date has been extremely positive. Deloitte is firmly focused on its people, with highly collaborative team environments and exciting project opportunities. I have had the chance to lead out on a number of client and internal initiatives which both challenge me to reach my potential and play to my inherent strengths.


What advice would you give someone coming for an interview on the team, and what can new joiners expect from their first few days at Deloitte?

This is your chance to really shine and show off! We are always delighted to meet new people who share our passion for technology, and Blockchain especially. Tell us all about your favourite use cases, where you think that the technology is going in the next few years, and how you think that organisations need to pivot in order to maximise their use of Blockchain and DLT based systems.

Your first few days in the Lab will give you a chance to get your bearings - we want you to feel like one of the team as soon as possible. After completing your mandatory onboarding training, we will bring you up to speed on all of our ongoing client engagements and get you assigned to a project role as soon as possible. Deloitte has many different internal initiatives, which can give you the opportunity to meet other colleagues from across the firm and develop new skills - we always encourage new joiners to get involved with these as much as possible. Ask as many questions as possible, we are a very friendly team and want to make you feel welcome!


My advice: Ask lots of questions and make sure to let your passion shine through! 
What is it about your role/industry that keeps you interested?

The Blockchain space is incredibly fast paced. Engaging our clients throughout their journey with the technology means that we can see development through concept to production. Aside from Blockchain being an inherently collaborative technology, I have found that the people working within the Blockchain industry are so supportive and eager to share their experience and knowledge.

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