Spending a summer in Consulting

Manya Sahni

Joining Deloitte

My journey with Deloitte began one sunny evening. My post-study brain woke from frenzy and I realised that I had nothing to do for four months. So I turned to the all-knowing and brilliant internet. Rapidly, I found out that a new internship position had opened up in Deloitte, a workplace that ranked fifth in gradIreland’s top 100 workplaces for Irish postgraduates. Seeing as I had an abiding interest in Technology Consulting, I took gradIreland at its word. I applied and I got an interview.

I was terrified and second guessing myself. The analytics group in Deloitte is one of the most advanced in the country. “Do I have what it takes? What if the people are not nice?” I came in, shaking and worried about the tiniest make-up stain on my shirt. My fears were quickly allayed when I met Martin Mannion, my interviewer and a manager in Consulting.  It was a friendly chat and that was one of the main reasons I joined the firm. Deloitte is full of the most amicable people I have ever come across.

My first day

My first few days were spent in training with my fellow interns. During lunch, some of the other interns and myself went to the Iveagh gardens. Seeing the maze, I immediately wanted to run around and get to the middle. To my delight, so did the others. I was in the company of fun-loving, curious and bright individuals.

Work experience

Soon we began working within our departments. The work was not too technical but very interesting, mostly writing test cases for a product that is soon to be launched. I read through many requirement documents to ensure that every possible test was executed, allowing us to submit a perfect product to the client. The priority was to ensure that the work delivered was always top quality. Throughout all this focused work, my team remained very friendly. I could email them for help or support whenever I required it. My manager, Na Wang, went the extra light-year to ensure that I was happy.

Meeting like-minded people

I also had the pleasure of meeting several managers and analysts from similar backgrounds to my own; mathematicians, statisticians, astrophysicists and even theoretical physicists. The one thing they all had in common was that none of them had done any conversion courses. All they needed was their well-trained, analytical and logical brain. Of course, it was challenging. But this was not a problem for them. They love challenges and their thirst for knowledge along with their curiosity allowed them to pick up the required skills very quickly. Matthew Byrne, a mathematician, described the work as getting to “play with Lego everyday”. Initially attracted by the friendly reputation, Deloitte Consulting proved to be a sanctuary for physicists who wanted to constantly learn but also have a good work-life balance.

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