Spending a summer in Corporate Finance   

By Elliot Demeure, Corporate Finance Intern

My first day

I was a bit stressed on my first day as I had no idea what kind of adventure I had just signed up for.  I arrived in D&T House and told the receptionist I was meant to start a work placement with the Corporate Finance Department. A few moments later, one of my future managers introduced herself. She explained to me what we would be doing during my first day and brought me to Top Deck (Deloitte’s rooftop café) for a coffee.  I was delighted to see how welcoming and helpful the people in Deloitte were and I remember leaving the office at the end of the day thinking: this is exactly the type of environment I want to work in. 

My expectations

I was expecting the job to be a real challenge for multiple reasons. The first one being the fact that it was in English. As a French native speaker I was lucky to have an Irish family background allowing me to have a good level of English. But a good level of English does not mean that I would be able to work in a business environment.  I was unsure if I would really be able to make a meaningful contribution to the team.  I thought the only way to do things right was to offer my help on any job the team could delegate to me and not be afraid to ask for help and explanations on what results they were expecting. By working in Deloitte, I ended up with the confidence that I can work in an English speaking business and acquired a great amount of knowledge.

My role and responsibilities

The projects I had the chance to work on required serious attention to detail. I had to collect reliable information and build efficient data bases to perform tasks required by clients for the Banking Advisory team. My role was to help build these data bases and flag any missing files. It might sound like a tedious job but I quickly found out that the information I was collecting was the key to success in this project. The quality of my work at this level had significant impact on the final outcome.  My managers took time to explain to me prior to my starting the task, how they were using all this information to service the clients. It was great to see the result of my efforts, and one of my managers even provided training on the analytical side of the projects I was working on.

Mixing it up at Deloitte

Life in Deloitte is amazing. There is a great atmosphere in the Corporate Finance Department and everybody manages to get along with each other. Everybody is willing to help and support anyone that might have a query in order to ensure the whole department reaches its goals and objectives. Also, the Learning & Development team organises presentation sessions on Fridays for interns and co-ops to give us an overview on what departments across are doing. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and helps to build the collaborative spirit that is a key to Deloitte’s success.

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