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Exam success at Deloitte

Our people consistently excel in their professional examinations and have had a number of distinctions over the years. The importance of exam success in Deloitte is reflected in the tangible support offered to students.

2020 FAE

The firm had an excellent pass rate of 92% in the FAE exams results, which is 7% above the CAI national average.

2019 FAE

The firm had an excellent pass rate of 88% in the FAE exams results, which is 10% above the CAI national average.

A special congratulations to Conor Burke from the Dublin Private & Capital Tax Department who placed 4th in Ireland and also to Luke Bailey in the Dublin Audit FS department who placed 8th in Ireland.

2019 CAP 1 & 2 Exams

Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed their CAP 1 exams last year; it clearly shows all the hard work and diligence applied in studying for the exams. The firm did exceptionally well achieving a pass rate of 87% which is 7% above the national average.

A special congratulations to Thomas Delahunt from the Corporate Tax department in Dublin who received 6th place. This is an outstanding achievement for Thomas and the firm.

 In the 2019 CAP 2 exam results, we had an 80% pass rate which is 13% higher than national average. Congratulations to all those who completed them successfully.

CTA Part 3 2019

In the 2019 Irish Tax Institute CTA Part 3 results, Rebecca Barrett from the Global Employer Services team placed 2nd in the exams and Matthew O’Neill from Corporate Tax placed 3rd. 

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How can we help you succeed?

At Deloitte we are committed to helping you achieve your definition of success by providing high quality learning and support programmes at every stage of your career ensuring you have the knowledge and skills you need to advance your career quickly at Deloitte.

What framework is in place to help you achieve your ambitions?

Within Deloitte we have defined Learning Pathways to provide planned learning interventions at each stage of an individual’s career:

  • “Career pathways” set out the expected progression path from associate to partner
  • “Development pathways” show the shifting emphasis on the shared competency areas, as you develop your career in Deloitte
  • “Learning pathways” focus on integrated professional and technical training programmes, designed to map key learning and support programmes to each stage of your career

Examples of these programmes include:

  • Induction programmes
  • Technical learning
  • Professional skills courses
  • Accredited management development programmes
  • Leadership development programmes
  • E-Learning programmes, certified by Harvard University
  • Professional qualifications/further study
Career progression

Roles and responsibilities in Deloitte are structured to allow graduates to gain a wide range of experience progressing through the grades as quickly as possible.  In support of this, we are one of the only professional services firms with a full-time Talent Manager who is available to discuss career plans and objectives with graduates as they progress through their training contract.

Some graduates progress to assistant manager level after completing their qualifications. Others choose to stay working in practice, continuing with their specialisation. Some join Deloitte clients who they worked with during their contract, taking up positions as financial controllers or tax advisors sometimes working their way up to CEO level. Others transfer internally to experience other areas of interest, often continuing their studies.  We are particularly proud of the number of former associates who re-join Deloitte having taken a year or two out to travel the world.

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