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Summer Internship Programme 2020


An internship at Deloitte is a fantastic way to get up close to the world of business, find out what excites and inspires you, and where it could take you. As well as vital work experience, you’ll get a good idea of whether we’re the firm for you.

Applications for the 2020 programme are now closed.

What does the Summer Internship Programme involve?

We are delighted to announce over 140 undergraduates opportunities for the Deloitte Summer Internship programme which runs from June to August each year in our Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick and Galway offices.

Our summer internship programme will give you a taste of professional life and will allow you to get ahead in your career even before you have left college or university. You will learn from experienced colleagues and meet clients representing a variety of industries and environments as we help you make a smooth transition from student to professional. On top of that, it is a way to enhance your CV with practical work experience.

Our structured Summer Intern Programmes provide a collaborative, open culture where you will have exposure to everything that goes on in a global fast paced firm like Deloitte. You’ll enjoy a supportive environment where everyone is accessible and invested in your training and growth.

Joining Deloitte is your opportunity to become part of the worldwide leader in professional services and consulting, a global network of 286,000 people in 150 countries. In Ireland, Deloitte is a team of over 3,000 talented and driven individuals. Our firm is growing in the marketplace. We’re ambitious and committed to being a leader in the delivery of five world class business areas: Audit & Assurance, Tax, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory, and Consulting.

We’re looking for similarly ambitious interns who are keen to keen to know what it is like to work in Professional Services and play an important role in our firm. There’s a reason why we were voted the Gradireland Graduate Employer of the Year 2018 – we offer challenging work and meaningful development opportunities. Above all, you’ll be challenged by the people on your team and the high quality clients we serve to make it a summer to remember.  

What kind of work will I be doing?

You’ll spend eight to twelve weeks, between June and August in one of our business units whilst getting a taste for what it’s really like to work in the largest professional services firm in the world.

Each of our Internships has a different focus, so your work will differ depending on the kind of role you choose. If it’s Audit & Assurance, for example, you’ll be working with a team that advises clients on their accounting systems and controls, ways to improve them and reduce risk. In Financial Advisory, its all about working in a team that advises clients on buying or selling a business for example. Whereas, in Technology, you’re more likely to be in a team designing new systems or developing IT strategy. 

All of our projects are about problem solving, which happens best when we work collaboratively. Throughout your internship, you’ll connect with colleagues across different teams, to tackle challenges for our clients. As well as this, you’ll develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. With more projects focused on technology and the latest digital developments, we approach every client with a clear eye on the future. It’s that vision that enables us to help the biggest businesses make some of their biggest decisions.

You can join one of seven internship programmes, each focused on a different kind of role.

How long does the Summer Internship Programme last?

The actual length of your internship depends on the service line you join, but is usually between six to twelve weeks long between June and August each year.

  • Audit & Assurance = 8 weeks
  • Consulting = 12 weeks
  • Restructuring Services = 12 weeks
  • Risk Advisory = 12 weeks
  • Tax = 12 weeks
  • Technology Programmes = 12 weeks

What can I expect from a Summer Internship with Deloitte?

From the moment you join, you’ll be working in a team, valued for the unique contribution you make and the fresh ideas you bring. You will gain “hands on” project experience working with professional and experienced teams. You'll be encouraged to think for yourself and use your initiative within your team delivering pioneering solutions for our clients. You will also develop the kind of rounded business skills that will serve you well regardless of where your future takes you. And you’ll get all the learning support you need to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

Upon joining the firm: You will participate in a full induction programme including a warm welcome, key skills, technical training and team building. You will also be assigned a buddy that will help you navigate everything even the smallest things to help you settle into summer at Deloitte and start to grow your network!

Learning and Development: We think a summer internship is a great opportunity to meet a variety of people at Deloitte and get an insight into the work carried out within each of our business areas. Our student insight sessions take place throughout our internship programme, showcasing topics such as innovation in Audit & Assurance and advancements in Consulting Technology.

  • Insight Sessions: We think a summer internship is a great opportunity to meet a variety of people at Deloitte and get an insight into the work carried out within each of our business areas. Our student insight sessions take place throughout our internship programme, showcasing topics such as innovation in Audit & Assurance and advancements in Consulting Technology.
  • Presentation Skills: An interactive session where you have an opportunity to develop your presentation skills that will support you in college and in your future careers, learning key skills, tips and tricks and practicing in a safe space with real time feedback.
  • Skills for Life Sessions: A big hit last year amongst our interns was the introduction of the Skills for Life Programme. This programme gives an introduction to skills that enable us to succeed in all aspects of our life and includes everything from Branding yourself & your Professional Brand, Finance, Healthy Eating and participation in our world renowned Business Chemistry.

IMPACT Day: During the programme you will get an opportunity to participate in our Deloitte Intern Impact Day. During this day you will put down your typical Deloitte tools and day-job and will go out into the community to make a real difference and an impact that matters.

What will I learn?

We hope after your summer with us that you will come away with a selection of skills that will give you an amazing start to your career including:

  • People skills including working in diverse teams and building relationships to help you succeed.
  • Soft skills including presentation and communication skills, time management, business acumen, corporate and personal responsibility.
  • Business writing skills to use for all types internal and external presentations and how to plan the research of a project.
  • IT skills including all relevant software programmes.

As you’d expect, the specific training you’ll get depends on the kind of role you choose. And we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed and lead as an expert in your field. 

Who are Deloitte looking for?

Combined with strong academic results, we are seeking people who are analytical, confident, self-aware, results orientated and want to develop leadership skills early in their career. We encourage applications from a wide range of disciplines including business, engineering, maths, science, law, technology and arts, amongst others. Our success consistently lies in the fact that we recruit people who look at complex issues through a different lens.

Other requirements include:

  • Achieved or are currently on target for a 2.1 honours degree or higher
  • A high level of self-motivation and commitment
  • The ability to analyse and work through complex problems
  • Flexibility, resilience and intellectual curiosity
  • A proactive approach to work
  • Ability to collaborate and work well within a team environment
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • Demonstrated leadership, creative problem solving and strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritise tasks, work on multiple assignments, and manage change

STEM Interns at Deloitte

Deloitte employees come from every kind of background. One thing connects us: our attitude. We are curious, imaginative and open-minded. From our partners to our interns, we are all here to make a positive impact for our clients and society, as well as build successful careers for ourselves. 

We are looking to bring a variety of interns into Deloitte and especially into Audit & Assurance. Indeed, 10% of graduates joining our Audit & Assurance programme in the past 2 years did not have a business degree. Their degrees were across the spectrum of science, engineering, music and arts. 

Check out our new Find Your Fit assessment which will help you choose which of our internships programmes best suit you. This is just a broad guideline but a good place to start if you are considering many opportunities at Deloitte.

How do I apply?

Deloitte is leading the way again this year with an award winning online application and assessment process. The scenario-based graduate recruitment assessment presents graduates with situations they are likely to encounter at Deloitte and provides a robust understanding of what makes people successful at the firm.

Read our step-by-step guide

How do I know which area to apply for?

Choosing an area of our business that interests you and aligns to your studies can seem overwhelming. Visit our new Find Your Fit to see what service line suits you. 

Tip: Before you click submit on your final application, review your answers carefully! Applications cannot be edited once submitted. 

How can I make an impact beyond my work?

IMPACT Day is a Deloitte Global initiative which encourages our people to give back to the local and surrounding communities by providing their time and labor to a number of different charities and nonprofit organisations to achieve a previously determined goal. We are proud to be able to roll out this initiative to our Intern & Co-op group as part of their summer programme. Summer intern Impact Day projects include painting, decorating and gardening. These are projects that would otherwise take up the valuable time and resources of non-profits.

Read more about Corporate Responsibility at Deloitte and making an Impact that matters in our community. 

And how’s the social life?

The Deloitte Ireland Sports & Social Committee is an active committee, made up of members across the firm, which organises sports and social events for our people throughout the year. From our Hiking club to Tag Rugby teams, there is always something for everyone!

From a social perspective, Deloitte have firm-wide social events each year, including our Summer Party in July. All are organised through Sports & Social and always prove to be highly enjoyable events.

If you’re excited by these prospects, we would encourage you to apply next time the registrations open. There’s no limit to what you can achieve.

If you have any queries regarding our Summer Intern Recruitment Campaign please do not hesitate to contact us - we're here to help.

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