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Tom Attride, Summer intern in Consulting

A day in the life of Tom Attride

I'm a Kilkenny man at heart, an avid golfer/Fitness Fanatic, a reader and I watch Netflix in my chill time (who doesn’t?). I'm currently heading into my final year as a Corporate Law student in NUIG Galway after the summer.

So to start things off, I’d like to tell you about my role in Deloitte this summer and what my day-to-day life looks like as a Consulting Intern in the Financial Transformation Team in Deloitte. The mornings consist of an early start, usually due to the fact that I like to go to the gym before work. I love the fact that Deloitte promote a great work life balance which I believe this is key for a happier workplace.

I usually rise around 5.30 am (I know I’m a bit crazy), have breakfast and I am out the door on my bike to cycle to the gym in Sandyford for a quick weights session, then I am on my bike again heading to the clients site located in Sandyford for my first meeting of the day.

At this meeting we listen and collaborate as a team on our current project. As an intern in Deloitte your opinion matters on a team and I feel very included as the team allow me to give inputs on current projects. After the meeting I make a start at our objectives/tasks for the day at our desk till lunch.

There is a great canteen in the client’s site where I can have my lunch. We sometimes play table tennis - It can get very competitive! I really love this and it shows how Deloitte allow fun as long as the work gets done. On a Friday when I’m in the city for of the Deloitte Insight sessions on other departments, I like to treat myself to lunch out (I’m a big Burrito fan) with all the other interns.

Again back to work where I complete a number of tasks (Excel/Powerpoint etc) before we have our closing meeting at the end of the day to talk about how we got on at our individual tasks and collaborate together. I love how I can put the skills I learned in college into real world tasks in a large global firm like Deloitte. Inclusiveness is very high in Deloitte-we work as a team and they are always open to opinions whether you are an Intern on your first week or the CEO.

Anytime between 5.15-7 pm, I hop on the bike and cycle home. On the other hand, if it's a Thursday then its a different story, this is where all the interns meet in town for a social night out.

So yes I am having a good summer!


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