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Varina Cowalchuk

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Manager, Digital Customer, Technology Consulting

What does a typical day look like in your role?

I don’t think there is a typical day. I generally try to take a look at what the priorities are and work from there. I could be working on building a vision for the future of the social sector one day, then 'in the weeds' working with developers the next. Overall though, I’m always trying to bring human experiences into my work.

What attracted you to Deloitte as a career move? What development opportunities have you had since joining?

I’ve been with Deloitte for a while. I just moved back to Canada from Ireland, where I was working with Deloitte Digital for nearly two years. I went abroad to get a new experience and live outside of my home country for a while. I decided to come back to Deloitte because in my role I get to feel like I am really impacting the lives of Canadians. 

What advice would you give someone coming for an interview on the team, and what can new joiners expect from their first few days at Deloitte?

People like it when you are willing to learn and collaborate. I don’t think anyone will expect you to know everything, but they do want to hear about success stories in a way that is relevant to them. Having different ways of thinking and approaching problems is celebrated at Deloitte. 

Don’t be afraid of it being too 'corporate' - the teams are very flexible, and you can basically shape your career into anything that you find interesting. You'll be surprised at the amount of flexibility you will have.

What is it about your role/industry that keeps you interested?

I am passionate about the how and am very service design and customer experience driven.  As for the what... I can get jazzed on just about anything that improves the lives of individuals in Canada. I like working in the intersection of impacting policy, process, people and digital government transformation. 


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