Corporate finance

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Deloitte corporate finance (DCF) provides expert and in-depth advice to corporate clients, private equity/venture capital firms, financial institutions, MBO/MBI teams, entrepreneurs and government. With five dedicated DCF partners and 65 staff in our offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick (Region), our DCF team is drawn from many backgrounds.

Our services

We have significant experience in all aspects of M&A transactions, including acquisitions, disposals, private equity, lead advisory, transaction services, valuations, public private partnership and corporate insolvency and reorganisation.
We provide the following services:

Corporate finance advisory
We provide a range of strategic advisory services to clients, including advice on acquisitions, disposals, capital raising, valuations, Public Private Partnerships, financial modelling and debt advisory.

Transaction services
We provide support to clients buying or selling a business with a focus on identifying transaction risks and factors impacting on value. Services include due diligence, advice on share purchase agreements and reports to support stock exchange listings.

Reorganisation services
We provide restructuring and reorganisation services to underperforming and financially troubled businesses, in addition to acting in a formal capacity as Examiner, Receiver and Liquidator.

Forensic and dispute services
We provide advice on resolving shareholder disputes, breach of contract claims, investigating fraud and are frequently called upon to act as expert witness in court.