Corporate Finance

Why a career in Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance offers a diverse and exciting training experience across a range of services where no two assignments are the same. From an early stage, trainees are dealing with senior level personnel in companies and are working on high profile transactions which are often highly confidential and complex in nature.

If you are interested in learning about the process of buying and selling companies, want to know how companies raise capital, debt or equity to fund growth, how to restructure a challenged business or how to perform detailed due diligence on behalf of lenders or buyers, then you should consider a career in corporate finance. Training in corporate finance offers a highly diversified training path, excellent career prospects across a range of service areas and the opportunity to develop professional skills which are much sought after in the marketplace.

So what’s the work like?

The work experience for a trainee in corporate finance is very diverse and can change day to day. A day working in corporate finance could involve any of the activities below. An intern will have a great opportunity to get a flavour of what goes on in every area.

• Carrying out an acquisition search for a potential M&A transaction

• Researching valuation multiples to advise a client on the value of a company

• Analysing the financial statements of a company as part of a due diligence

• Attending client meetings with colleagues

• Preparing a financial model for a client to assess the financial feasibility of a project

• Assisting clients to raise the necessary debt or equity finance required to fund projects

• Advising distressed companies on the restructuring options available to ensure their continued survival

• Managing insolvency processes such as a creditors voluntary liquidation

• Creating turnaround strategies on behalf of clients or their lenders

• Reviewing client accounts and records to determine if fraudulent activity is apparent

Our clients come from a range of industry sectors, which contributes to the diverse and varied nature of assignments. We work in teams that vary in size according to the assignment and are designed to foster a collaborative working approach across all levels.

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Paths to qualification

Deloitte is committed to ensuring graduates receive the assistance they require to complete their professional education. This includes offering substantial study leave, providing an internal study helpline and organising mock exams under Institute exam conditions.

Trainees complete the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland qualification (ACA) and enjoy all the exam support that goes with it.

Department breakdown

Corporate Finance Advisory

We provide a range of strategic advisory services to clients, including advice on acquisitions, disposals, capital raising, valuations, Public Private Partnerships, financial modelling and debt advisory.  Our Transactions Services team also provide support to clients buying or selling a business with a focus on identifying transaction risks and factors impacting on value. Services include due diligence, advice on share purchase agreements and reports to support stock exchange listings.

Restructuring Services

We provide restructuring and reorganisation services to underperforming and financially troubled businesses, in addition to acting in a formal capacity as Examiner, Receiver and Liquidator.

Forensic and Dispute Services

We provide advice on resolving shareholder disputes, breach of contract claims, investigating fraud and are frequently called upon to act as expert witness in court.

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