Risk advisory

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Risk Advisory offers an array of services designed to analyse business risks, determine acceptable exposure levels, implement controls and provide follow-up and constant monitoring of the risk environment. We help manage the uncertainty created by the diverse risks and new regulations constantly threatening organisations' value generation.

Our services

Our capabilities cover a vast array of enterprise risk and advisory services:

Regulatory compliance
Risk management, compliance, good governance, secure systems and controls are all key issues in the financial services industry. Our service supports the regulatory needs of the financial services institutions of Ireland. Our team of professionals have a proven track record for successfully helping organisations to manage regulatory risk and deal with attention from the CBI.

Internal audit
As the external environment continues to change, the demand placed on internal audit and control functions has never been greater. Our focus on you and your business means that your success is always our top priority. With one of the largest dedicated internal audit and controls assurance practices, both in Ireland and globally, Deloitte have the breadth and capability to support our clients’ business needs. We have an established history of working with companies to help assess the quality and effectiveness of their internal processes and controls.

Technology assurance
Our team specialises in assisting clients to identify and address risks related to information technology, with a focus on testing controls as part of both external audits and internal audit and advisory projects.  You will work with leading companies and organisations in multiple industries such as Financial Services, Consumer Business, Telecommunications and the Public Sector.  Examples of the types of work we undertake include:

  • Providing an independent evaluation of, and opinion on, processes, systems and controls and detail any required remedial action where weaknesses are identified.
  • Review of systems and processes with a focus on using the firm's knowledge and experience, and best practice standards and frameworks such as ISO27002, COBIT and ITIL to recommend improvements and/or changes in the client's methods and system configurations.
  • Assessing clients IT environments and IT related processes that support the preparation of financial statements to determine the extent to which reliance can be placed on the internal control environment.

Develop and maintain sophisticated data analysis routines using data analytics tools to interrogate client data and identify exceptional or unexpected activity with financial processes

Information security, resilience and forensics
Security issues have a potentially significant impact on business and can result not just in financial losses but damage to reputation and operational downtime. In today’s information and digital economies all businesses are required to demonstrate system security, regulatory compliance and good governance is now expected by customers, partners and shareholders alike.

At Deloitte, our team of highly experienced industry leading specialists uniquely positions us as the largest group of security and forensics professionals in Ireland. Our team offers a unique and unparalleled blend of services to assist your business in addressing security concerns or challenges.

Whether it is a Penetration Test, Security Audit, Information Security Risk Assessment, Web Application Review, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing Advisory, or Incident Response and Forensic Investigations, Deloitte are currently working with Ireland’s leading businesses to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information.

Data analytics and governance
In an effort to influence market focus, customer strategies, financial forecasting, performance management and operational processing our Data Analytics and Governance team strives to help our clients derive value from the information available in their organisations. To deliver this we cover a wide spectrum of data risk services spanning areas of Data Security, Data Governance, Data Visualisation and Risk Analytics. Our teams evaluate, design, build and implement Governance and Analytical solutions to ensure authority, control and visibility over data assets. This can incorporate anything from information management, analytical applications, dynamic data management and storage architectures to dashboards & content delivery, documents and record management.

Our team employ sophisticated data mining, diagnostics, statistical analysis, monitoring, profiling, data transformation and cleansing tools and techniques to analyse data for either our clients or internal teams. In this way we can quantify the impact of uncertainty by discovering and communicating meaningful patterns in data.