Enterprise Adaptability

Designing organisations around our best impulses

Enterprise Adaptability presents us with the opportunity to design organisations around our best human impulses rather than trying to control for our worst – this is the latent potential that exists in every organisation.

One thing that COVID-19 has undoubtedly taught us is that predicting the future is a risky endeavour. Businesses are expected to quickly reorient themselves to whatever reality emerges. The challenge with today’s operating models is that they lack the fitness to evolve and are based on control versus potential. This calls for a change in the way businesses design their organisations – so that they are based on our best human impulses, rather than trying to control for our worst.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a rise of the ‘social enterprise’. The idea that companies are able to work with more pace, meaning and purpose in meeting customer engagement objectives. To do so however, companies must start to view their employees as socially conscious, empathetic, and capable of making decisions that directly impact customers without unnecessary bureaucracy and escalation.

This article explores the ways in which organisations can make this shift, through upholding the four key pillars of enterprise adaptability. This will result in a workplace that unleashes the full potential of its people, ultimately bringing more meaning and impact to work.

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