Key trends driving innovation and disruption in Insurance

Financial services globally has undergone dramatic change in the last five years largely driven by regulatory reform. Over the next five years financial services will not just change but be dramatically disrupted, primarily by greater customer empowerment and technology driven innovation.

Post-Lehman the Insurance industry was focused on capital adequacy and risk management. Recently, it’s become increasingly common to read and hear about ‘innovation and disruption.

Deloitte believe it’s important to challenge, understand and critique this trend rather than simply follow the herd. Important questions that we address include: Why are we seeing this innovation now? Is it a fad? What impact will it have on Irish insurers, their customers and employees? Are there upside opportunities as well as risks? What should you do next to protectand grow your business?


This paper outlines the key trends driving innovation and disruption in Insurance across the customer, technology, people and regulatory domains.

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