Global CIO survey 2018

Manifesting legacy - Looking beyond the digital era

In a digital-driven business reality, CIOs face a choice: remain a functional leader or aim to help shape and lead the organisation’s digital future. Deloitte’s global CIO survey shows how leaders are taking on the challenge.

In the digital era, technology has increasingly become a primary driver of business transformation and growth, ending the era of business-led, technology-enabled organisations. As we look forward, many successful organisations - and their CIOs - are adopting a technology-led, business-enabled mindset to drive transformation, growth, and revenue beyond digital.

  • Look Inward to redefine their role. The digital era presents CIOs with the opportunity to break out of their operational focus and develop the leadership skills to transform business operations and drive growth. Relationships matter: Our findings show that CIOs are 148% more likely to report having a strong relationship with other business functions when they customise tech fluency efforts.
  • Look Across to fundamentally change the IT operating model. This requires CIOs to focus on “the money” and “the people”. CIOs can focus on funding, investments, and IT finance to better the value creation story. Tech talent and culture will also be at the heart of driving digital agendas, yet 60% of survey respondents report difficulty finding and hiring talent with the appropriate mix of technical and soft skills.
  • Look Beyond to rebalance their technological capabilities. As CIOs look to create a foundation for emerging technologies, they should modernise the technological core - ultimately leading to a systematic innovation process for future transformation. Building an innovation capability and process to harness digital efforts may soon become vital, as the expected business impact of emerging technologies has grown 135% since 2016.
Global CIO survey 2018

Global CIO Survey

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