2020 Global Technology Leadership Survey

A call to action for technology leaders, business leaders, and CIOs

Our 2020 Global Technology Leadership Survey, formerly the Global CIO Survey, is now open. We invite you to share your perspectives on how the role of technology is changing—and what this means for you, your teams, your organisation, and your customers. By completing our short online questionnaire, you’ll play an important role in our research and gain deeper insights from the study’s findings on how technology will shape the future of your organisation.

Participate in our 2020 Global Technology Leadership Survey

What’s in it for you?

  • Upon submitting your survey responses, you’ll receive The Future of Work in Technology, an in-depth research report exploring how technology and business leaders can reimagine technology work, the workforce, and the workplace.
  • We’ll share early notification once the survey report publishes (expected in Spring 2020).
  • With the survey report, you’ll have access to a snapshot of your responses compared to your global peers and additional industry insights that are not publicly available.
  • You may request a personal read-out of the study and invite your leadership team to join to better understand the findings. 

Find out more about our CIO programme here.

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