Emerging competition, market trends and customer needs are forcing dramatic change, and businesses need to respond and adapt. Sometimes, that means disrupting how they do things today; but they can't rely on the legacy technology that got them here.

Moving to the cloud opens new opportunities to speed up operations, transform finances, and deliver great customer experiences. But cloud isn't the destination, it's the means of transport to take your business where you need it to go.

Adopting and optimising cloud technology is a balancing act. Many businesses today have built up a strong heritage and value in their legacy systems and processes. Modernising them brings the potential to achieve more, but this transformation comes with risks like investing at the scale needed to transform, new IT skills required, and new ways of working.

At Deloitte we see the advantage and can work with you right through the transformation, helping you make the right decisions at every stage, from high-level planning through to implementation and operation – so cloud becomes the catalyst for the change you want to make in your business.

Transformational journey to the cloud

Letting go is difficult. You've invested in the technology estate that brought the business to this point. It's more than just decades of coding and fixes, the sum of people's valued careers and invaluable experience: it's IP. It's something to be proud of....

But in today's changed world, what got you here won't necessarily get you there. Legacy technology can carry a heavy technical debt, including support costs and skills availability. When the speed of business change is accelerating, when customer demands are increasing, when disruptive competitors are at the gates, you need insight to act and a platform to react. It's time for your IT to shift gear.

With technology modernisation from Deloitte, you can manage the transition to the cloud so you can unlock the game-changing agility you need, to reimagine and reorient the business. We provide strategies to explore what's possible, develop the business case, and map an accelerated route to transformation.

Our infrastructure and engineering services help you engineer, build, migrate and operate more efficient, powerful, and cost-effective solutions. Together with Deloitte, you can seamlessly move your current infrastructure and applications from on-premise to the cloud, while navigating business priorities and implementation complexities as you go.

And once on the cloud, you can scale up or down as demand dictates, and ensure your technology adapts to remain always up to date. This way, you get quicker time to deliver and fast time to market. You can engage with partners in new ways to exchange data and ideas and build new products and services. You can accelerate go-to-market timelines, personalise marketing communications, and remake buying-experience excellence. Cloud gives your business the agility to adapt as fast as your market does.

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Arriving at insight faster with analytics

With heightened customer expectations, the speed of execution faster than ever, and the continuing exponential growth in data within the enterprise, gaining real insight to guide your decision making has never been more important – or more challenging. You might have some information across silos in your legacy business systems today, but to truly understand what this data reveals about your business or your customers, you need systems that can translate raw data into actionable insight....

But suppose you only need those insights at certain times of the year or depending on seasonal business trends: can your current technology infrastructure handle that workload? Then there's the question of whether your team has the skills, and your systems have the capacity, to parse large volumes of data for the breakthrough revelation that tells you what to do next.

Deloitte's cloud-enabled big data and analytics tools deliver this insight with speed, scale and accuracy. With a scalable, pay-as-you-use model available with the cloud, you're not tied into hardware that's expensive to procure, run, and maintain.

Our multidisciplinary model allows us to bring experience in finance, operations, and digital, together with deep insights and lessons learned from working with clients across our local and global network. At Deloitte, we can be with you all the way, from planning and strategising to delivering and running the analytics tools as and when you need them.

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Understanding your enterprise to enhance performance

Disrupting what your business does today – and how it does it – starts with understanding. When you get a deep, granular view of your enterprise, you gain better insights into your business performance and identify what levers to pull to keep improving – across your backoffice, your service centre, your finance team, or your supply chain. In your finance function, your challenge might be about drawing together your disparate silos of data into a single digital core that unlocks greater insight....

Yesterday's "built-to-last" approach can no longer keep pace with today's rapidly evolving expectations. It's time for an enterprise that is built to evolve – to be perpetually ready. Deloitte's Kinetic Enterprise™ approach for your SAP architecture embraces four characteristics:

Intelligent: Insight-driven strategies and operational decision making, fuelled by readily available data across your whole enterprise.

Clean: A clean Digital Core ERP system founded on consistent enterprise data and processes, free from unnecessary customisations and underperforming business assets.

Responsive: Adaptable and scalable cloud operations that are configured to predict and rapidly act upon changing organisational and market dynamics.

Inclusive: Organisational harmony powered by an integrated business network in the cloud and a unified end-to-end data ecosystem.

Developing a lasting foundation for innovation and competitive advantage needs a creative, forward-thinking approach to your core modernisation. By reducing complexity and technical debt, organisations can increase operational and strategic agility, enhance the ability to evolve to a cleaner, cloud-ready ERP that can support constant innovation.

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Protecting what matters to build trust

As you start to use and rely on cloud technologies for transformation, growth and disruption, cyber security is more important than ever....

Cybercriminals are continuously increasing the stakes. The risk of business disruption is prevalent and can have real-world impact on share prices and costs to remediate.

Keeping your customers' information secure can make the difference between being a trusted brand and yesterday's news. We help you on the continuing path to cyber maturity, helping you protect your sensitive information and your customers' data, enhancing your brand and earning trust.

Although large hyperscale cloud providers invest heavily in security, moving important data to the cloud isn't just a lift-and-shift exercise. Each cloud transformation journey is unique – whether you're:

  • Considering moving to the cloud,

  • Looking to regain control and increase agility,

  • Increasing significantly your footprint in the cloud

  • Evolving your cloud use to the next level

From the earliest point in the journey through to the end, we work with you and provide continuous support, from addressing your strategic, financial, technological, and operational challenges, through to advising, delivering and managing your service, using industry best practices and cyber security frameworks to deliver secure sustainable outcomes.

When you're ready to migrate your legacy infrastructure to the cloud, you can lean on our experience as a global leader in cyber security consulting, from designing and building secure systems, to managing the risk.

Using the cloud for cybersecurity is about more than just technology: it impacts your people and your processes. We can augment your team with the skills you need to ensure all-round protection, so your business can continue moving forward and making the most of the flexibility that cloud gives your business – yet safe in the knowledge that you're protecting the information and systems that matter most.

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