We have experienced the biggest shift in customer behaviours in modern times. Post-pandemic, some of these behavioural shifts will snap back but others will stay and keep evolving at pace. A lot of businesses had already been digitising customer experiences and back-office processes to grow their market and improve the efficiency of their operations. Most have shown remarkable tactical innovation and resilience in quickly adapting to changes, to keep trading and maintain their position.

Now, the real challenge to all businesses is to embrace the transformative potential of new digital experiences, new platforms, and new ways of working as they reconfigure their own value proposition and organisations from front to back.

Deloitte Digital can help your business succeed by enabling you to:

  • Understand your customers and deliver growth through differentiated human experiences

  • Accelerate your transformation through use of the right cloud platforms

  • Sustain your competitive advantage through our Digital Product Factory.

Understanding your customer

Customer engagement has shifted towards digital channels, online ordering, contactless payments, and virtual engagement. But look past the big picture trends: not all customer segments are the same. You need to go deeper and understand the nuanced change in behaviours....

To gain this deeper understanding of customer types, you need insight. In reality, your customers might be a complex mix of enthusiastic adopters and more cautious users. Can your business identify those segments – and can it adjust its approach to serve their needs in turn?

With the right combination of human-centred design, first-person and third-party data, you can gain a greater understanding of your connected customers at a granular level. Deloitte Digital helps you to understand their unique needs, achieve clarity on how to align the right products and services to them, and follow through by designing and building these new customer experiences.

Increased digitisation brings greater flexibility: customers now can simply and easily change supplier, which is why you need to give them a reason to be loyal to your brand. When you can deliver an authentic human experience and respond to your customers as individuals, you set yourself on the path to success.

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Accelerating your transformation

Five years ago, standing up a new ecommerce experience could take months, often longer to get to market. These timelines no longer work. As customer needs rapidly evolve, a wide variety of cloud platforms offers you the power to scale even quicker to meet those needs. The choices on offer are huge and can be somewhat daunting as you look to make fast decisions that will stay the course and not impede your future growth ambitions....

We work with the world's leading cloud platform providers such as Salesforce, Adobe, Amazon and Google. At Deloitte Digital, our architects and engineers can help you identify and integrate the correct combination of providers and solutions to build the right customer experience platform for your business so that you can operate effectively as part of the wider digital ecosystem.

We don't just design – we are a fully integrated Digital consultancy and our team of designers, data scientists, engineers and marketeers can help you continually evolve and optimise your platforms by analysing data in real time and offering dynamic and personalised experiences at scale and across every channel.

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Sustaining your competitive advantage

Good experiences implemented on the right platform will get you to the starting line but that won't win you the race. Digital transformation goes deeper than just a flashy web site or a slick app; it's a fundamental shift in how you do things today. To consistently deliver on your promises to customers, you need to change the way you work, and to embrace agility. It's fundamentally about your people, and your operations and how you work....

Deloitte Digital helps you advance customer- and design-centric thinking throughout your organisation, empowering your people with greater autonomy and a sense of purpose. We work with you to prioritise key growth levers, develop new propositions which address changing needs of customers, and help you to accelerate new growth.

From strategy through to execution, our Digital Product Factory model is proven method that helps you re-orient your organisation around customer value stream delivery enabled by cross-functional teams and move past the inertia of traditional functional silos. This model allows you:

  • To better shape your business demand by aligning closely to clearly defined business outcomes.

  • To imagine differentiated propositions through human-centred design

  • To continuously deliver value through scaled agile ways of working and engineering excellence

  • To run your business with a relentless focus on continuous improvement driven by data.

Because transformation is not a once-off project with a set deadline but a constant state: it's the new ‘business as usual'. Becoming a transformed business is a question of culture, communication and – in larger organisations especially – managing complexity. We work with you to empower your team so that it can endlessly adapt and easily change. So no matter what the future brings, and no matter how your customers want to do business with you, you're ready.

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Consulting Partner and Deloitte Digital lead


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