At a time of great change, the finance function is also evolving. From static to dynamic, from bookkeepers to business partners. Increasingly, in the most progressive organisations, finance has an important seat at the table. The CFO and their team must be able to give a view on what's going to happen, not just report on what already did.

The key to managing this evolution touches technology, operating models, and teams. With the CEO expecting data-driven guidance, can the finance team deliver with the resources it has today? Is the ERP underpinning the business still fit for purpose? Do the digital capabilities exist in the organisation to keep us competitive? And are the people equipped with the analytical skills the business needs as it seeks insight to inform its strategic decisions?

To meet the needs of the organisation as it faces forward and navigates towards the future at speed, Deloitte is helping finance teams equip themselves to be the partner the business needs it to be.

Unlocking efficiencies in your business services

Bring your organisation's disparate locations and business units together in the kind of operational harmony that transforms outcomes. Synchronise governance and business practices across organisation locations to enhance collaboration and drive efficiencies....

Finance leaders looking to transform their business processes end to end, or strategise for event-driven transformations like mergers and acquisitions, need to be able to navigate smoothly through the challenge. With advice and guidance from Deloitte, finance teams can upgrade their operating model, digital technology, data, systems architecture, and talent strategies to ensure successful outcomes.

Transform and optimise your day-to-day transactional functions that are central to the role of finance departments. Everything from close, consolidate, report to reduce cost, align resources, enhance insights, and improve speed and quality control of the process; we help you manage the end-to-end procure-to-pay processes your organisation performs to source, procure, and pay for materials, goods and services, and manage working capital; and we implement automated solutions to smooth your order to cash functions.

Our team works with organisations across globe on projects ranging from service-delivery and operating-model design, through to business process outsourcing. The process starts with feasibility and understanding the organisations objectives. From there, the development of a business case: what are the quantitative and qualitative benefits? We help you to set up and run the global business services, support your location strategy, help recruit teams with appropriate skillsets, carry out training and knowledge transfer, then support transition to operational readiness.

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Transforming finance through cloud ERP

One of the key obstacles facing CFOs today is the proliferation of data across multiple silos and applications. When vital information is scattered across the organisation, it’s a challenge to gather it to analyse. One approach to solve this is a large-scale ERP implementation....

For CFOs looking to reduce the time for month end reporting, the power of SAP and the cloud ecosystem can deliver the finance transformation you need. Deloitte partners with SAP which has made significant investments in enabling its core ERP product for the cloud, making it easier to use and, crucially, future proofed.

When your vision is to build an intelligent enterprise by moving from legacy systems to an enterprise-wide solution that integrates all the key ingredients – data, the workforce, advanced technologies, customer insights, and operations. When disruption causes you to ask tough questions about your business, SAP solutions can offer answers – and Deloitte can help.

As you embark on your journey with SAP technologies, you’ll have a skilled partner to navigate the course with you, helping you to design, customise, and deploy an integrated environment to drive your business forward.

As CFOs and finance leaders, you can transform your operations so you achieve increased business performance and shareholder value, with a range of finance transformation solutions enabled by the SAP S/4HANA digital core ERP and SAP Central Finance. Cloud-enabled ERP with SAP, delivered by Deloitte, puts your finance function on the front foot.

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Focusing forward with advanced analytics

In the past, it wasn't unusual for a CFO and finance function to spend 60% to 70% of their time looking at historical reports, but the modern business demands a team that dedicates the majority of time in the working day focused on the future: where does the business need to go next, and what decisions will help you get there?...

To be able to spend more time planning and forecasting with confidence, you need to reduce the hours spent poring over financial reports forensically in the hope of uncovering insight: you need data at the click of a button, easily digestible in a visual format so you can make the decisions you need with confidence to help the business forge ahead.

Deloitte's business finance team harness advanced analytics and statistical forecasting to support process transformation, including business finance process, performance management and talent optimisation, budgeting and planning, and management information and insights.

When the CFO needs to make investments that deliver value, they have information at their fingertips, guiding them to the right choice, with a toolset that can analyse data in their underlying systems and present the findings in a user-friendly format through visualisation apps.

Before that can happen, we often conduct immersive finance labs, where we sit down and ask clients questions like: what is your vision for finance, and what do you want your legacy to be? Invariably, they want to be more efficient, effective and forward-looking: from being purely focused on operations to supporting the business. Together, we develop a plan to imagine, deliver and run your future finance operating model.

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What we think

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Whatever your interest, one thing is clear: From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of Finance gets done.

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