In today's world, every business has an imperative to evolve, grow, and transform. The pace of change has accelerated, and it's challenging organisations to be adaptable. How can business leaders prepare for a future where everything is constantly changing? Do you have those capabilities in your business today to stay flexible enough to pivot quickly in response to market expectations? Can your operations – and your supply chain – fulfil your customers' needs seamlessly? And can your business truly be agile while it's maintaining legacy systems, complex processes, and ineffective infrastructure?

Those aren't easy questions to answer. That's why you need to reimagine and reconfigure the inner workings of your organisation. We help you think holistically about the transformation process, so you're reskilling your people, redeploying your assets, and refreshing your technology stack.

At the same time, we make sure you remain focused on your purpose, so it's the north star giving your customers a reason to stay loyal, helping your people buy in to the vision, and guiding every decision you make.

Harnessing digital to optimise operations models

Operations has evolved from a function that makes things to a discipline that spans the entire business. When expectations are set high by experiences online, your operations determine how efficiently you can fulfil customer requests. Operations exposes your organisation's inner workings and makes its brand come to life in customers' eyes. Are your operations agile enough to respond in a world of rapidly evolving customer expectations?...

But the need for speed shouldn't drive you to compromise on the services you deliver, or the trust your customers place in your business. Business operations need to be flexible, supported by technology that enables agility without exposing your operations to risk.

Today's organisations must embed digital thinking at the heart of their operations. That means asking some hard questions first: do we have comprehensive real-time data on our operations? Is this data feeding into our decision making? Are we using it to innovate and improve how we do things today?

With so many options to choose from, many organisations lack the skills to embark on such a deep-rooted change themselves, not just to build the support systems but to manage them.

Deloitte has helped organisations to transform operations – empowering the adoption of cognitive, digital and cloud-based technologies, reducing costs, and maximising operational efficiency – staying ahead of customers' and markets' ever-shifting expectations, and driving growth.

By applying service design, lean thinking, and operational excellence principles, you can focus on areas ripe for innovation. We develop creative options so while you can achieve cost reduction, you also gain from empowering your most important asset: the people at the heart of your operations. As well as helping organisations to imagine new possibilities, we also deliver, using best-practice methods like Agile, DevOps and change management, so you benefit from rapid rollout and faster time to positive outcomes.

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Enabling efficiency and agility with cloud

When it comes to optimising your operations, moving to the cloud gives your operating model elasticity and scalability. It gives access to services you can use to make your customer experience more effective and your operations more efficient....

Cloud completely transforms the way you run your infrastructure and production workloads today. You get test environments in a matter of hours: the kind of speed that can disrupt markets, unimaginable from legacy IT systems and applications. Most importantly, cloud lets you combine analytics, AI and automation so you can start being more agile in your operations while managing risk.

But cloud's not without its challenges: it's a complex, layered matrix that encompasses technology, skills and governance. If organisations are carrying a lot of technical debt due to longstanding investments in traditional IT, do they have the skills they need in-house to manage and run newer cloud systems, or do they need to call on a trusted partner?

We combine strategic thinking with operational and technological capabilities, to ease you through the design, implementation, and ongoing deployment of sector-specific programmes and innovative solutions that are right for your business – today and tomorrow. Let us help you revitalise your organisation, discovering hidden value and new levels of performance.

Moving to the cloud enhances employee engagement and collaboration. It lets you support remote work, expand your talent pool, and drive productivity. Cloud enables exceptionally nimble talent and performance management.

We also provide the reassurance you need that your data is secure in the cloud. With our heritage in risk advisory, cybersecurity and cloud projects, you can be sure your operations transformation won't compromise on protecting the information that matters most.

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Augmenting your resources with automation

As your operations become more digital, automation is the perfect complement to your team's capabilities. Robotics are ideally suited to handling rules based repetitive tasks in back offices and contact centres We can help you put in place an ecosystem of intelligent automation that works in the background, streamlining your processes and freeing up your people to focus on more value-added work. It's people and technology, working hand in hand to deliver the transformation your business needs to be ready for the future....

And if you're only looking at the past, you're already behind the curve. To be ready for the future, you need to use data more strategically to optimise operations. You need to have the capability to analyse the trends and dynamics that are reshaping the landscape in your industry.

As more of your processes become automated, you'll start capturing rich data that will help you to eliminate stopgaps and bottlenecks between what your customer sees, and the operations and logistics that serve them. Then, we can help you to apply AI so you can identify potential risks in your operations or highlight cross-sell opportunities.

We work with you to look at your challenges with a 360-degree perspective that encompasses your people, processes, and technology. This way, there's no risk of siloed thinking, so you can be sure everyone across your operations is bought in to the change, and your people feel empowered to deliver.

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What we think

Automation with intelligence

In their embrace of more digitised ways of working, many organisations have adopted robotics to automate repetitive processes. They are now seeking to scale these solutions with artificial intelligence.

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Sustainability as a source of competitive advantage and enduring business performance

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Donal Lehane
Consulting Partner and Operations Transformation lead


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Consulting Partner and Health & Social Care lead