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Maximo Voice Assistant

Meet 'Maxwell'

When engineers are working in high risk environments, they need to stay focussed on the job at hand. Shifting attention to update a work order or reference job instructions can be dangerous—or even fatal. That’s where Maxwell can help. Even when working in an offline environment, Deloitte’s Maximo Voice Assistant provides an audible and spoken interface to Maximo mobility platforms through simple engineer dialogue with Maxwell.

What is Maximo Voice Assistant

Across the world, engineers are using some form of mobile device to interface with their Maximo environment, often while working in hazardous environments. All of these solutions require a user to utilise a visual UI, consuming their attention and their dexterity to access their next task, and to record the results of their work.

Our team in the Maximo Centre of Excellence recognised this, and in turn, developed an innovative solution called "Maximo Voice Assistant". This is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled add-on for Maximo mobile solutions which allows crews to interact with the system "hands-free", in both online and offline environments.

Using a Bluetooth headset, the engineer naturally speaks through the device to the voice assistant 'Maxwell'. 'Maxwell talks the engineer through the tasks they have to complete and interprets, analyses and records results in real-time.This allows them to undertake their inspection without the need to look at a device.

The engineer's attention can now remain on the environment around them, improving overall health and safety for organisations and their crews.

Maximo Voice Assistant Flyer

Maximo Voice Assistant

Benefits of Maximo Voice Assistant

  • Reduce risk for users in dangerous environments
  • Hands-free connectivity
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of engineers
  • Operates in an offline environment 
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