2018 Millennial Report – Republic of Ireland

Human Capital

Business leaders’ priorities must align with broader societal impact to attract this generation of talent.

Similarily to last year, Millennials were surveyed on their outlook of Irish society, their opinions of Irish business, loyalty to their current employers, and attitudes towards Industry 4.0. The Global research surveyed 10,455 millennials across 36 countries with 202 Irish millennials participating.

The results indicate that younger workers are increasingly uneasy about the future, pessimistic about the prospects for political and social progress, and have growing concerns about safety, social equality, and environmental sustainability. Millennials are looking to business leaders to drive societal and economic change, presenting an opportunity for organisations to attract, retail and engage this generation.

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Key findings:

  • 48% of millennials expect the overall economic situation in Ireland to improve over the next 12 months – a decrease from 56% in 2017
  • Only 29% expect the overall social and political situation in Ireland to improve over the next 12 months
  • Less than one third (31%) think they will be happier than their parents
  • 82% think businesses focus on their own agendas rather than considering society in general
  • 64% believe that businesses have no ambition beyond wanting to make money
  • 74% say that political leaders are having a negative impact, while 56% say religious leaders are having a negative impact

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