Tech Trends 2022

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Deloitte’s 13th annual Tech Trends report provides insights and inspiration to unlock innovation, build trust, and engineer advantage for your digital journey ahead. We invite you to explore the seven trends.

Irish lens on Tech Trends 2022

We live in a time of opportunity and huge uncertainty in economic and geopolitical terms. The past two years has brought challenges and complexities for all organisations as they were forced to quickly adapt and flex into new ways of doing things and a rapidly changing world. Technology had a huge role to play in how organisations stayed afloat, and in some cases thrived. As we emerge from the pandemic and start to navigate our ‘new normal’, there is a real opportunity to rethink how we engage, operate and scale operations to engineer a better future. Deloitte’s Tech Trends Report is in its 13th year. The focus of this year’s report is on how technology advancements can accelerate growth and connectiveness. Many of the trends outlined in this report will have a direct impact on how organisations operate and how business is done in Ireland in the future. As a recognised hub for skilled, experienced tech talent, we have a huge opportunity to leverage the benefits these technology advancements can bring. While all of these trends will play a role in shaping our future, we are already seeing momentum and traction in Ireland around Data Sharing, Cloud, Automation and Cyber AI.

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Tackling these trends - today

Our Tech Trends 2022 report examines the different ways pioneering enterprises are automating, abstracting, and outsourcing their business processes to increasingly powerful tech tools. In doing so, they are arming their employees with superpowers to tackle innovative projects that deliver competitive differentiations. Of course, the pandemic has fuelled this year’s trends, but it would be a mistake to view them as a direct response to COVID-19 disruption, Rather than reorienting businesses’ goals, the pandemic has simply put an exclamation mark on existing priorities. It challenged orthodoxies as to what can be accomplished, and showed us how much we can achieve when impediments to productivity are removed and workers are empowered to focus. Enterprises once viewed the types of initiatives we spotlight as projects that would play out over the next five to ten years. The reality? These trends need to be tackled today. So let’s get to work.

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