Tech Trends 2019

Beyond the digital frontier

How can we sense and act upon a future that remains unclear? The good news is that much of the technology-driven disruption that each of us experiences today—and will likely experience going forward—is understandable and knowable. It’s an exciting time to venture beyond the digital frontier!

This is Deloitte's 10th annual Tech Trends report and it identifies the trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months on the journey from uncertainty to digital transformation.

To stay ahead of the game, organisations must work methodically to sense new innovations and possibilities, define their ambitions for tomorrow, and journey beyond the digital frontier.

The Top 8 Tech Trends for 2019:

1. Macro technology forces at work 
The nine macro forces - analytics, cloud, digital, core modernisation, business of technology, cyber, cognitive, blockchain and digital reality - are the enduring technologies that will continue to shape strategies and dominate investment priorities. But importantly, the forces are not independent, isolated entitites. And they're only partially compelling as stand-alone concerns. Companies need to unlock what combination matters for any given line of business, function, agency, or country; to confidently chart a path beyond convention and organisational inertia; and to elevate the narrative from the what of the enabling technology into the so what of their combined effects - moving beyond trends, and beyond the digital frontier. Read more....

2. AI-fuelled organisations
AI's role in the enterprise is growing as cognitive tools and tactics are standardised across IT environments.Companies should consider deploying machine learning and other cognitive tools systematically across their core business processes and enterprise operations to support data-driven decision making. Now is the time to fundamentally rethink the way humans and machines interact within working environments, and what they can achieve together in the AI-fuelled organisation of the future. Read more...

3. NoOps in a serverless world

For years, basic care-and-feeding of critical systems claimed large portions of IT's budget and labour capacity. Today, the NoOps in a serverless world trend offers CIOs a way to redirect these precious resources away from operations and toward outcomes. It also offers development teams opportunities to learn new skills and work more independently. The journey from legacy internal servers to cloud-based compute, storage, and memory will not happen overnight. Nor will it be without unique challenges. But as more and more CIOs are realising, an opportunity to fundamentally transform IT being reactive to proactive is just too good to ignore. Read more...

4. Connectivity of tomorrow

This represents a necessary and much-anticipated transformation in the way organisations move business-critical data from where it is generated to where it is needed. Across industries, this transformation will only accelerate as the total number of networked devices grows exponentially. Increasingly, technology and business leaders are recognising that when deployed as part of a well-planned connectivity strategy, building blocks such as 5G, satellites, SDN, and NFV can deliver an order-of-magnititude boost in network flexibility, efficiency, and velocity. What will your strategy be for harnessing the connectivity of tomorrow? Read more...

5. Intelligent interfaces

Unlike many technology trends that present new ways to streamline processes or engage customers, the intelligent interfaces trend offers something much more personal: an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine the way we, as humans, interact with technology, information, and our surroundings. To say this trend is potentially disruptive would be an understatement - simply put, it represents the next great technology transformation. And this transformation is already underway. If you are not exploring the role that voice, computer vision, and a growing array of other interfaces will play in your company's future, you are already late to the game. Read more...

6. Beyond marketing: experience reimagined

In today's world, the customer is in charge. And in a marketplace of endless options and channels, companies realise that to remain competitive, they will have to create a differentiated human experience and deliver consistently on ever-evolving customer expectations of brand engagement. CIOs and CMOs are partnering more and more to enable a new generation of marketing tools and tactics that, deployed strategically, can help companies elevate their marketing operations from art to a blend of art and science, while keeping the customer firmly in the centre of all decisions. Read more...

7. DevSecOps and the cyber imperative

The ever growing need to get quality products out the door faster has elevated DevOps practices to the position they hold today in the arena of software development. In a natural extension of DevOps evolution, the DevSecOps trend offers CIOs and their development teams a new mix of tools, practices, and automation that, deployed in concert, can help secure development and operations. DevSecOps fundamentally transforms cyber and risk management from being, compliance-based activities - typically undertaken late in the development lifecycle - into essential framing mindsets. Read more...

8. Beyond the digital frontier: mapping your future

Mapping your digital future is no small order. But if you can be deliberate about sensing and evaluating emerging technologies, considering the nontechnology forces unlocking new opportunity, and creating a series of well-defined but aspirational ambitions, you can demystify digital transformation and make it achievable. And this can create the confidence and construct to embrace digital, while setting the stage to move beyond the digital frontier. Htransformation and making it achievable. Read more...

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Tech Trends 2019 Beyond the digital frontier

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