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RPA in 2016: A viable solution but still in its infancy

Our recent online survey finds there has now been a sharp increase in the number of organisations that have investigated RPA and that a significant number of organisations have already implemented or piloted RPA. The increase we have observed in companies investigating and implementing RPA seems set to continue; with positive feedback on the speed with which RPA can be implemented and the payback that can be achieved.

From our perspective, RPA is an innovation that will transform the landscape of transaction processing. The advantages of RPA include the speed and simplicity with which it can be implemented, as well as its scalability and rapid payback periods. However, the profound value is in the potential of RPA as a digital workforce enabling shared services to deliver higher quality at a lower cost. From this perspective we believe RPA warrants full investigation and consideration in shared services and GBS operations.

This Deloitte report will help shared services and GBS leaders acquire more clarity about the potential of RPA. It will also provide examples of how RPA is currently being employed as well as the experiences of organisations with this technology.

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