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Dublin Bay Power - Winner of best private cloud project at vmworld 2010

Find out how cloud services enabled Dublin Bay Power to enhance their IT flexibility and resilience with a private cloud solution.

With the increasing demands on IT and the opening Electricity Market, it was imperative that they were able to provide their customers and users with a secure, dynamic, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.

Dublin Bay Power saw the need for a revision of its IT requirements when its server room, consisting of three server racks, eight physical servers and an air conditioning unit, reached capacity:


We were working on a number of IT projects that would have required new applications and the quadrupling of our server estate, but we had no space for them. Between having to manage our physical IT estate in addition to trying to integrate the growing number of new business applications, we had limited time to look at developing our IT strategy, but knew something had to change – quickly.


John Dolan, Head of IT, Dublin Bay Power

As early adopters of virtualisation, Dublin Bay Power consolidated all their physical servers on the industry leading VMware platform. Within weeks of the project approval, the virtualisation solution was implemented. John Dolan, Head of IT with Dublin Bay Power, explains the rationale behind the move: “With a limited IT staff and resources, we were coming under increased ressure to deploy more server environment. We had very limited space in our computer room and we had reached a serious temperature problem”

As the next phase on their IT strategy, Dublin Bay Power wanted to move to a full Private Cloud with the following key goals:

  • Ability to deploy new business applications in minutes
  • Full self-managing and healing infrastructure
  • Automatic failover and failback of key business applications in the event of a disaster
  • Remove the dependence on IT staff for performance and availability management
  • Provide an infrastructure that would allow workloads be moved to public clouds in the future

As their Cloud Integration Consulting partner, we enabled Dublin Bay Power to define, design and implement the private cloud strategy

Dublin Bay Power’s private cloud consists of geographically separated dual virtualised data centres connected with high speed interconnects

Dublin Bay Power quickly realised the potential of virtualisation not only as a consolidation platform, but also as a perfect disaster recovery solution. Soon all systems in Dublin Bay Power gained business continuity levels that would not be possible to achieve in a physical world.

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