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Maximo is the world’s leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution and is used across a wide range of asset intensive industries. Deloitte are leading the way by collaborating with our clients to understand their business challenges and to devise cutting edge solutions to solve them. Our experienced team are working with clients across a range of Maximo projects ranging from green-fields implementations, integration engagements, Maximo upgrades, Application Managed Services and Support contracts, and innovative solutions leveraging IoT, Cloud and Cognitive. In Deloitte our objective is to make an impact that matters!

Automated Cognitive Asset Inspections  - Drone Enabled

In the world of asset management (specifically physical assets in asset intensive industries), inspections form a critical component of a preventative maintenance program. However physical asset inspections are costly, labour intensive, and may expose inspecting engineers to health and safety risks in the course of the asset inspections. Over the past year we have been working with our long term Maximo client Energia, to develop a drone based solution to improve asset inspections on their wind farms. The solution leverages technologies that are both autonomous and cognitive, and integrates IBM Maximo, Anywhere as well as Watson and Bluemix. The video below tells the story of this project.

Drones mean business

Does your firm routinely need to count, measure, or inspect things, perhaps in locations that are sprawling or hard to access? Then you’re probably already using drones. As software expands their capabilities, we’ll see more drones scrutinizing farms, forests, oil rigs, pipelines, mines, construction sites, and warehouses.

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Automated, Cognitive and Connected

Automated, cognitive and connected; Emerging technology and its application within the renewable energy sector by Ciarán Dennehy within the EMEA Maximo Centre of Excellence, Deloitte. This article takes a closer look at three disruptive technologies that are attracting a lot of attention from asset managers and engineers.

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