The Deloitte consumer review

Reinventing the role of the high street

This Deloitte consumer review series aims to provide an insightful and impartial view of selected consumer trends that we believe will have a significant impact on consumer businesses. This sixth edition discusses the regeneration of the high street as it faces pressures such as a post-recession economic environment, digital acceleration and changing consumers.

We recognize that high street is facing unprecedented challenges but, as always, growth opportunities do exist especially in sectors beyond retail such as leisure and services. Businesses that use the power of the digital technologies in-store and bring the best of shopping online to the high street will lead the regeneration.

  • The high street still remains the number one destination for shops, services and leisure, compared to online and out-of-town: 59% use the high street for top-up grocery shopping, 58% prefer the high street for banking services, and 52% for cafés.
  • Consumers want more from their high street
  • 73% of consumers believe that the consumers themselves should decide what shops and services should be available.
  • The Omni-channel experience is in demand with 45% wanting free high street Wi-Fi and 1 in 3 wanting to use a Click & Collect service.
  • 61% of consumers are ‘happy’ with the convenience of their high street
The Deloitte consumer review
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