Consumers driving digital


Consumers driving digital

Implications and opportunities for the transport and logistics sector

Deloitte Australia examines the Australian transport and logistics sector and how a ‘perfect storm’ may force public and private operators to lift their game, transform and collaborate to form an agile transport eco-system. Varying and expanding customer expectations along with swift technology change will converge to change the face of Australian transport in the near future.

In this report Deloitte predict three megatrends that will combine to form a high pressure change environment in the transport sector and what all this might mean for public sector mass transport operators. They include:

  1. There will be a large scale shift of assets and services from the public to the private sector
  2. Customer expectations will continue to expand well beyond the need for transport and logistics services that are simply ‘on time’
  3. Technology change will rapidly accelerate, revealing both more opportunities and more challenges to enhance customer experience, improve operational performance and asset utilisation
Consumers driving digital
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