A lasting legacy

How major sporting events can drive positive change for host communities & economies

Major sporting and entertainment events have become a top agenda item for governments around the world and Ireland is no exception.

A major event has the potential to create a lasting legacy that provides the host city or country with new levels of global recognition and economic, political and social development.

On the other hand, if not handled correctly, a major event also has the potential to leave a disappointing legacy of abandoned stadiums, missed development opportunities, and lost investments.

Key challenges & issues

Deloitte Ireland partner Harry Goddard highlights some of the key challenges and issues which should be considered: 

  • Partner with the private sector on major infrastructure investments
  • Focus on the postevent legacy, not just the event 
  • Build a broad base of support 
  • Get an early start on infrastructure planning
  • Create a broad economic footprint 
  • Reach across political boundaries
  • Promote the legacy vision, but be realistic
  • Don’t assume the desired legacy will happen automatically 

The report “A lasting legacy – how major sporting events can drive positive change for host communities and economies” provides further insight into these challenges and also features interviews from Deloitte member firm leading professionals with experience in global events.

A lasting legacy
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