Mobile influence 2013

The growing influence of mobile in store

Looking to get a better understanding of the growing impact of mobile in the retail sector? Deloitte’s retail and distribution practice and Deloitte Digital conducted an in-depth survey of U.K. consumers about how they use their smartphones to shop today and their likelihood of using them in future buying decisions. Here’s a look at what we call the “mobile influence factor.”

The explosion of mobile has irrevocably changed the way we look at and conduct business everywhere. Mobile influence will continue to direct consumer behaviour, with its influence expected to grow by 200% by 2016, informing 15-18% of all in-store sales.

  • Consumers that used their smartphone during the purchasing journey were more likely than the average to make a purchase. The survey also revealed that those customers spent more on average.
  • Those who used their phone during the shopping trip spent on average 61% more than those who didn’t
  • The mobile influence factor varies by store category
  • Stores selling big ticket items (electrical and furniture) have the highest mobile influence factor – showing how big a role smartphones can play in researching a product.
Mobile influence 2013
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