Redesigning Business Value

A Roadmap for Sustainable Consumption

This report looks at why businesses need to consider change and what individual companies can do, as well as showing how the collaboration of business, government and civil society can help find solutions to key global challenges.

This report was prepared in collaboration between Deloitte Touche Tomahatsu and the World Economic Forum.

Redesigning Business Value Report

The issue of sustainability is appearing more and more often on agendas, be they in the Board room or individuals’ own personal agendas. In our recent Consumer Products report, we highlighted that consumers are scrutinising their spending patterns however, they are not just considering low cost, they are also considering their own consumption habits and making choices based on their personal values, and key to these is sustainability. Similarly, the Deloitte Christmas survey 2009 found that 49% of Irish consumers advised that they avoided buying products with a carbon impact on the planet.

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