Rising above the clouds

Charting a course for renewed airline consumer loyalty

This report explores the state of loyalty in the airline sector and the unique opportunity airlines have to distinguish their brands in building a loyal consumer base.

Delicious meals served on fine china. Passengers dressed to the nines. Hassle-free check-ins. Courteous treatment. Leg room that seemed to go on forever.

Whether real or imagined, these wistful memories harken of a time when air travel was celebrated as a special occasion. The world has changed. Today, air travel evokes thoughts of long lines, cramped spaces, flight cancellations, baggage fees, $8 sandwiches, and any other in an array of inconveniences and small annoyances. Consumers now view air travel as something to be endured more than enjoyed. Planes are buses with wings; a commodity, more than a brand.

Rising above the clouds
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