Our Approach

Recent economic developments have seen consumers shift their buying criteria to demand more value, better service and greater convenience, all for more sustainable lower costs. Retailers must adapt the way they offer products and services to meet these evolving consumer needs.

For their part, distributors and suppliers must also adapt to the changing needs of the retailers, who are becoming more powerful through consolidation. In addition, globalisation and the growth of technology have blurred the lines in the traditional role of a consumer product manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and consumer.

Also, achieving top line growth becomes increasingly difficult to achieve and retailers are forced to sharpen their focus on marketing tactics. Permission marketing, customer service, customer relationship management and merchandising are now all part of the armoury required to achieve top line growth.

Our integrated teams of specialists can help your organisation align with your strategy to deliver solutions that enhance operations for greater efficiency and measurable results. Furthermore, we combine our innovative market knowledge with expertise in new technology, operational efficiencies and vendor relationships and the complex inter-relationships within the consumer supply chain.