2018 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey

Millennials disappointed in business, unprepared for Industry 4.0

The millennial generation is feeling uneasy about the future. The growth of Industry 4.0 technologies - from robotics and the internet of things to artificial intelligence and cognitive - has altered the nature of work, while political upheavals challenge the established world order. In this environment, millennials and Gen Z yearn for leaders whose decisions might benefit the world - and their careers.

Building on last year’s report, the seventh annual Deloitte global millennial survey delves into respondents’ perceptions of the evolving threats and opportunities in an increasingly complex world. For the first time, the survey also includes opinions of Generation Z - those following millennials into the workplace.

In a fragmenting social and political environment, with Industry 4.0 driving profound changes, many millennials are exhibiting a marked desire for reassurance. They feel pessimistic about the prospects for political and social progress, along with concerns about safety, social equality and environmental sustainability. While young workers believe that business should consider stakeholders’ interests as well as profits, their experience is of employers prioritising the bottom line above workers, society and the environment, leaving them with little sense of loyalty.

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