Deloitte Private Matters 

December 2016 edition 

In the latest edition of Deloitte Private Matters, you will find insightful Deloitte commentary on a wide variety of topics. This month, we feature articles on successful expansion by Irish companies into new markets, changes in the role of human resources in organisations, a practical review of the criteria to be met to qualify for the research & development tax credit and an overview of the changes to the Revenue appeals process. We also include a guide to Brexit, focusing on the potential impact on Irish businesses and outline the results of our 2016 Global Mobile Consumer Survey. 

At Deloitte Private, we understand that establishing, maintaining and growing a business in today’s challenging environment brings with it a whole range of complex issues. Deloitte Private Matters focuses on the priorities of private companies, family businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organisations in Ireland. 

1. Revenue appeals process: changing times

Sandra Brennan and Julia Considine set out the revised procedure for aggrieved taxpayers appealing Revenue assessments and looks at other changes introduced by the Finance (Tax Appeals) Act 2015. 

2. In the spotlight: research & development tax credit

Andrew O’Reilly reflects on the Revenue’s increased focus on the usage of R&D tax credit and considers common misunderstandings of the qualifying criteria. 

3. A guide to Brexit: how could it affect your business?

David Carson and Barry Robinson identify four key areas where Brexit will have the biggest impact on Irish businesses, including foreign exchange rates, movement of people, restrictions to market access and customs, duties and tariffs.

4. Human capital trends: changes in organisational design 

Heather Gordon explores the trends recognised in Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report 2016 and highlights how organisations can achieve competitive advantage therein. 

5. Exploring new markets: the road to expansion

David Shanahan considers the difficulties Irish companies can face as they expand to foreign markets and outlines his top tips for success. 

6. Mobile consumer survey 2016: the Irish cut: there’s no place like phone

Justin Hayes looks at the recently published results of this annual survey conducted by Deloitte, which includes a sample of the Irish market for the first time. 


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