Deloitte Family Business Survey 2019


Deloitte Family Business Survey 2019

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Participate in the Deloitte Family Business Survey 2019 and have your say.

We are inviting family business members to take part in our 2019 survey, that we are conducting on the future-focused family business in Ireland and around the world.

The topic for our 2019 survey is how family businesses balance their long-term orientation and short-term demands in order to ensure that they continue to flourish in the future. We focus on two time horizons, 10-20 years from now and the next 12 months, and look at issues relating to ownership design, governance, succession planning, and strategy.

The survey will take less than 15 minutes of your time. Your answers will not be linked to you in any way and only aggregate values will be reported. This will result in a very interesting piece of research that we will share with you once published in the coming months.

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