Deloitte Private Matters

June 2014 edition

In the June 2014 edition of private matters you will find insightful Deloitte commentary on a variety of topics including, property investment and your pension, the new rules on examinerships for SMEs and 5 steps to successful financial planning. We also include our regular personal deposit rates comparative schedule.

Corporate simplification – dormant and unwanted companies
This article reviews the options available to remove dormant and unwanted companies from a group

Property investment and your pension
Jonathan Ginelly outlines how your pension could be used to invest in property

Examinership–lite – A new rescue option for SMEs
In this article, Warren Baxter takes us through the new examinership rules available to small and medium-sized companies

The new capital gains tax incentive for entrepreneurs
Carmel Marnane highlights how this incentive can be availed of by entrepreneurs

5 steps to financial planning success
In this article Enda McGuiness walks us through the 5 steps to financial planning success

Personal deposit rates comparative schedule
Schedule of monthly deposit rates in Ireland

June 2014


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