Fix, Sell, or Close?


Fix, Sell, or Close?

End-to-end solutions for underperforming and non-core businesses

It’s important to deal with parts of a business that no longer fit, and are draining capital and management resources.


Deloitte’s Managed Exit services can help to smooth the process of exiting your underperforming businesses. Our objective is to help you in structuring an exit that focusses on what’s important: Time, financial matters, reputation and elimination of legal entities.

Fix, Sell, or Close?

Decision to Exit

There are many external factors that can trigger a decision to a managed exit opportunity.

Even the most successful companies around the globe may need to address and reconsider the future of underperforming and non-core assets. At Deloitte, we’ve developed comprehensive solutions to help your business evaluate its options when contemplating an exit strategy.

Our multi-disciplinary Managed Exit service, led by our Financial Advisory teams, advises multinational corporations and organisations on fixing, selling, or closing underperforming and/or non-core areas of their business.

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