Ireland Strategic Investment Fund –Pandemic Stabilisation and Recovery Fund

The ISIF Pandemic Stabilisation and Recovery Fund will provide the following:

  • €2billion is available to invest in medium and large scale businesses employing more than 250 employees or revenues in excess of €50m
  • Consideration will also be given to enterprises below these threshold levels where the enterprise is of substantial scale and significant importance at a regional or national level
  • Enterprises must be able to demonstrate their business was commercially viable prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and that they can return to viability and contribute to the Irish economy
  • There will be flexibility to invest across the capital structure (debt, equity, hybrid instruments etc.) with ISIF seeking an appropriate risk-adjusted return
  • ISIF is willing to participate alongside new investors while also expecting meaningful participation from existing shareholders where capital is available
  • The loan has capacity for long term investment horizon and the fund is designed to complement other Government policy initiatives

Available to:

  • Medium and large enterprises employing more than 250 employees or with re venues in excess of €50million (smaller enterprises will also be considered if deemed appropriate)
  • The scheme is open to organisations operating across all sectors and the qualifying business does not need to align with ISIF’s existing priority sectors (E.G. regional development, housing, climate change etc.)
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