Real Estate planning and development statistics 2022

Full Year Outlook

Our 2022 annual review of the residential and commercial markets in the Republic of Ireland takes a look at the planning and development statistics from the last 12 months and share our expectations for the coming year.

2021 was yet again hampered by COVID–19 and lockdowns. Ireland was the only European Country to lock down the construction industry last year and it did not fully re-open until the 4th of May.

By this time Europe was experiencing shortages in key materials such as steel and timber due to reduced staff numbers and factory closures. These shortages and delays of key materials have resulted in large cost increases for the industry. The lockdowns and cost increases have resulted in Ireland’s housing stock availability being at its lowest point in recent history. 

In addition to the planning statistics and outlook we will provide expert opinions from the wider Deloitte team in relation to matters that will affect the Real Estate industry such as;

  • Planning Reform: We look at what the Government is doing to reform the planning system.
  • Infrastructure Trends: We look at some key trends that will shape the future of our cities.
  • Sustainability Trends: In this section, we will look at ESG, Embodied Carbon, Implementing Green Criteria in Procurement and Construction Workforce Upskilling.
  • The Funding Landscape: We look at the funding appetite for Residential, Industrial and Logistics, Commercial, Hospitality & Retail.
  • Tax Amendments: The tax landscape is changing and we review the new Residential Zoned Land Tax, the Interest Limitation Rule and Corporation Tax changes for Non-Resident Landlords.
  • Commercial Real Estate - A Global View: The Deloitte Center for Financial Services conducted a global survey among 400 senior commercial real estate executives in finance, operations, talent, and technology. Survey respondents were asked to share their opinions on how their organisations have adapted to the varied impacts of the pandemic on their workforce, operations, technology, and culture.

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