Financial Crime

Preventing and detecting financial crime is one of the greatest challenges for businesses operating in Ireland.

Rapid development of enabling technology, the internet, online banking and shopping, mobile and flexible payment channels and more recently, cryptocurrencies, have created potential new vehicles for criminals to abuse and exposure for our clients. The risk is not only confined to monetary loss and regulatory fine but also loss of reputation, integrity and culture.

Five questions about digital forensics in the cloud

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Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions

  • Regulatory Strategy: We assess and develop a Financial Crime Compliance strategy which is appropriate to your organisation's business and in line with regulatory expectations, as well as designing suitable strategy governance and operating models.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We assess your current Financial Crime Compliance operating model and design and implement your target operating model, as well as advising on controls testing and remediation and associated monitoring, analytics and reporting.

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  • Forensic Investigations: Forensic investigation of fraud & misconduct by understanding the facts, collection and review of digital evidence, quantification of the loss and interview of suspects
  • International Asset Tracing & Recovery: Identification and coordination of recovery of assets in multiple jurisdictions and advising on the best route to recovery
  • Fraud Data Analytics: Mining large volumes of data to proactively identify unusual patterns that could reveal potential fraud risks and control weaknesses for further investigation
  • Fraud Risk Control Framework: Devising and implementing a frameworks with targeted internal controls for the detection and prevention of fraud
  • Training: Using bespoke training to raise awareness of risks facing organisations and the essential elements of a fraud risk management programs

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption (ABAC)

  • Risk Assessment: Evaluate bribery and corruption risks based on the nature, complexity and location of your activities and third parties
  • Integrity Due Diligence: Due diligence review of third parties to demonstrate you know your third party, their background and reputation
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continual review of policies and controls to ensure effectiveness and implementation of controls to detect issues, such as ongoing due diligence and on-site audits
  • ABAC Control Framework: Devising and implementing a frameworks with targeted internal controls for the detection and prevention of ABAC
  • ABAC Data Analytics: Mining accounting data to proactively identify potential ABAC risks and control weaknesses for investigation
  • Training: Using bespoke training to raise awareness with employees and other stakeholder of risks facing organisations and the essential elements of a ABAC risk management programs

View our Bribery and Corruption Survey 2019

Cyber Crime & Data Privacy

We work with organisations across all industries to help navigate privacy legislation and providing solutions that are business enablers. Our team of subject matter experts have a broad understanding of privacy risks and areas of operational improvement from legal and compliance, technology and data governance perspective. We understand the challenges organisations face in implementing new legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation and we have built our privacy services on providing solutions to these key challenges.

  • Cyber Threat & Risk Management: For an organisation to have appropriate cyber defences in place they must first understand their own threat landscape and the risks these threats pose. This allows them to put a customised cyber risk management program in place focusing efforts where they are required.
  • Cyber Policy & Governance Review: Cyber risks are ever evolving. Organisations need to have strong governance in place to appropriately challenge those risks and embed appropriate policies and procedures to deal with those risks. Deloitte provide advice based on international standards to tailor suitable structures for all organisations.
  • Cyber Breach Rapid Response: All organisations either have been or will suffer a breach at some stage. These attacks vary widely, they can come from anonymous attackers or trusted sources and can be a onetime breach or a sustained attack. Deloitte can provide a rapid response team to work with your organisation to identify, contain and eradicate cyber-attacks or cyber enabled breaches.

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Our financial crime team brings together our experts in fraud prevention, cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, sanctions and anti-bribery and anti-corruption to help our clients predict, detect, and respond to the risks and vulnerabilities that arise. We make an impact that matters by partnering with businesses, governments, regulators, law firms, industry innovators and technology firms, to design and deliver more collaborative and comprehensive approaches in the fight against financial crime.

Our approach starts with planning for financial crime as a daily threat, not reacting to it as a discrete event. We can help you build a holistic approach to the risk of crime that accounts for its entire lifecycle-from compliance, prevention, and detection through investigation, remediation, monitoring, and testing.

Forensics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Deirdre Carwood

Deirdre Carwood

Partner, Head of Forensic

Deirdre is a senior forensic accountant with over 20 years’ experience in developing and leading financial crime solutions in the areas of investigations, anti-bribery and corruption, KYC, fraud risk ... More

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Laura Wadding

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Laura is a Partner in the Irish firm’s Risk and Regulation team, within the Risk Advisory Department, specialising in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Culture in financial services, as well... More

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Sean Smith

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Ciaran McGovern

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