AIFMD reporting

Deloitte’s survey on the first cycle

AIFMD called for significant reporting to national competent authorities. Now that the first reporting cycles have been completed, Deloitte conducted a survey to assess whether any lessons could be learnt, and how to apply them to the ongoing 'business as usual'.

Deloitte stated that they were "looking for trends in the broader AIFMD perspective. We wanted to identify how regulators are interacting with the market and how the data received are being utilized, their relevance, and the risks that could perhaps lead to misinterpretation. Simultaneously, we were also seeking indications via the reporting experience as to how significant the distribution of non-EU products is for asset managers and how this may weigh on the debate that is likely to start soon with the delivery of European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) long-awaited advice on the future direction of the AIFMD passport and in the broader context, of Europe’s relationship with the world in the field of “alternative investments.”

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