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Asset Management Bulletin

August 2019

The Deloitte Asset Management Bulletin delivers you our latest updates and insights on industry and regulatory developments. We hope you find this edition useful and please contact us if you have any queries.

Integrating to add value in asset management M&A - Casey Quirk by Deloitte

Thoughtful integration can become a primary catalyst for improving enterprise value. This paper explores areas of effective integration opportunities, based on three primary conclusions, to help asset management firms unlock value through selective integration.

Investment Limited Partnerships (Amendment) Bill 2019

Welcome changes to the Investment Limited Partnerships Act 1994 that will enhance Ireland’s range of legal structures when setting up a regulated fund. The Irish Government has published the Investment Limited Partnerships (Amendment) Bill 2019 (“the Bill”) which aims to substantially overhaul the current Irish legislation governing regulated investment limited partnerships (ILPs).

Ireland's Common Contractual Fund

With over 16 years in existence, the CCF has built strong credentials in the marketplace. The key benefit of the CCF is its transparency from a legal and tax point of view in Ireland. However, there are a number of both tax and non-tax benefits for establishing a CCF making it an attractive alternative to other fund structures in Ireland and indeed to other transparent fund structures and therefore it should not be overlooked in the decision making process.

Focus on Fund Management Companies in Ireland

In May 2019, Indecon completed a Report on behalf of Irish Funds which captured the impact of the investment funds industry on the Irish economy. The report highlighted the significant contribution that the sector has made to the economy both in terms of employment (Total Employment Impact in 2018 was 32,973) and Tax (Total Contribution to the Irish Exchequer of €837 million).

Investing in Ireland

In recent times, Ireland has continued to attract significant high end Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with total employment in Ireland at international companies at a record high in January 2019, just short of 230,000. FDI in Ireland comprises of both continued and first time investment, and many of the world’s leading companies regularly demonstrate their commitment to remaining established in Ireland by continuing to invest.

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