Asset Management Bulletin 

July 2018

The Deloitte Asset Management Bulletin delivers you our latest updates and insights on industry and regulatory developments. We hope you find this edition useful and please contact us if you have any queries.

A mid-year update to the Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2018

This update discusses the major financial services regulatory developments we have seen in the first half of 2018, as well as our views on what to expect for the rest of the year. It looks back at the cross-industry and sector specific themes we explored in the 2018 Outlook to see how these have developed, and also identifies a number of emerging issues including climate change, FinTech, and culture in financial services firms.

Governance in Focus

On the board agenda – the 2018 reporting season

As 2017 draws to a close, our review of hot topics for boards and committees for the 2018 reporting season covers both areas of regulatory focus as well as emerging themes. From responding to the ever-increasing threat of cyber attack, demonstrating the board’s consideration of broader stakeholder interests in decision making and calls for enhanced commentary on longer term prospects and all with the backdrop of Brexit and increasing heat on individual director accountability. There is much more to consider than usual.

Culture in Financial Services from the EMEA Centre from Regulatory Excellence

We have prepared a report in which we describe how supervisors are likely to approach this complicated task identifying six areas that we expect to attract particular scrutiny. We also provide examples of positive and negative indicators that could strongly influence supervisors’ ultimate judgement as to the culture of a firm and hence the strategy and resources they should deploy in supervising it.

5 Questions on GDPR and the Future of Data Protection

Laura Wadding, Director of Risk Advisory at Deloitte, breaks down the asset manager’s perspective on the new reguation. 

Performance Magazine - Issue 26

In this edition of the Performance magazine, we look at the trends in automated advice, the future of investment management portals, and private equity across the African continent against the backdrop of political and macroeconomic change. The past year has seen significant changes in government across Southern Africa and a renewed commitment to fighting corruption and strengthening public services. This should result in more efficient value chains and a decrease in the cost of doing business.

In this edition we would like to highlight “The new era of delegate oversight” which can be found on page 36. 

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