Capital Markets Union (CMU) Update

Cross border distribution of funds

CMU Update on cross border distribution of funds

The European Commission ("The Commission") has published a consultation entitled “CMU action on cross-border distribution of investment funds (UCITS, AIFs, ELTIFs, EuVECAs, EuSEFs) across the EU". This consultation complements other work currently being undertaken with the aim of creating a single market for investment products and asset managers.

The Commission wants to understand “where” and “how” the cross – border distribution of fund could be improved. The Commission will “use this information in its assessment on taking action to address the barriers, supporting the development of the CMU and increasing choice”.

The consultation is seeking feedback on the barriers to cross – border distribution

  1. Marketing restrictions 
  2. Distribution and Regulatory Fees 
  3. Administrative Arrangements 
  4. Distribution Networks
  5. Notification Process and 
  6. Taxation.

The consultation period closed on 2 October 2016.

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