Deloitte Crane Survey


Deloitte Dublin Crane Survey

Over 5.6 million sq. ft. of office space under construction in Dublin in 2018, according to Deloitte’s Crane Survey

Dublin Crane Survey results:

  • Office: Over 5.6 million sq. ft. of development in 2018 – up from 4 million in 2017
  • Residential: 4,119 units in 2018 compared to 3,634 residential in 2017
  • Hotel: 2,752 rooms in 2018 compared to 929 over the course of 2017
  • Student: 4,069 beds in 2018 compared to 4,529 in 2017


Survey Area: Dublin City Council

Size minimum:
Office – 10,000 sq. ft.
Residential – 25 units
Hotel – 20 rooms
Student Accommodation – 25 beds

Dublin Crane Survey, published by Deloitte


  • Office development and take-up in Dublin dominated by tech sector in 2018.
  • Over 2.5m sq. ft. of office space under development in Dublin’s Docklands area.

Themes covered in report:

  • Importance of Tech Sector
  • New Era of Work
  • International Attraction
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  • Large supply deficit in housing stock still exists across Dublin City Council despite increased residential development in 2018.
  • 2018 saw a notable increase in the number of luxury apartments and build-to-rent schemes under development across Dublin

Themes covered in report:

  • The Supply Gap Remains
  • Capital Availability
  • Build-to-Rent / PRS


  • 20 hotels under development in 2018, up from 9 in 2017.
  • New entrants to the market include the first Hyatt hotel in Ireland.

Themes covered in report:

  • Importance of International and Domestic Tourism
  • Competing with Global Cities

Student Accommodation

  • Slight decline in construction activity in Dublin City Council area from 2017 levels.
  • Much of the larger new schemes commenced outside our survey area. These included schemes at UCD, Sandyford and Tallaght.

Themes covered in report:

  • Addressing the Supply Deficit
  • Institutional Investor Interest
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