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Irish Collective Asset–management Vehicles Act 2015 ("ICAV Act")

ICAV Act Update: Jersey

1 February 2016 : Statutory instruments S.I.44/2016 and S.I. 45/2016 were signed in to law by the Irish Minister for Finance.

Jersey is now a jurisdiction from which funds can migrate to Ireland and become an ICAV (UCITS or AIF) and Irish ICAVs will be able to move to Jersey without the need to wind-up.

Jersey joins the British Virgin Island and the Cayman Islands as jurisdictions which can migrate under the ICAV Act.

How Can We Help

Deloitte offers audit, tax, regulatory, operational consulting and project management services to deliver a solution tailored to your business. Partnering with Deloitte to manage the set-up of your fund will minimise the risk, effort and cost to your business.

Our project management services cover:

  • Analysis of setup options and costs
  • Legal, regulatory and tax structuring
  • Distribution requirements
  • RFP/service provider selection process
  • Operational set up and control environment
  • Regulatory approval/re-domiciliation
  • Ongoing audit and tax services
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