European Motor Study


European Motor Study

The rise of digitally-enabled motor insurance

This year, we explore how digitally-enabled motor insurance products could provide insurers with a great opportunity to increase the contact points with their customers and improve dramatically the understanding of their needs.

  • How big might this market for digitally-enabled motor insurance become?
  • Who are the potential customers?
  • How can they be engaged?
  • Why have telematics - which is the first example of digitally-enabled motor insurance – not yet been adopted more widely across Europe?
  • How can insurers leverage this opportunity to extend their value proposition?

To help answer these questions, Deloitte surveyed around 15,000 customers from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 1,345 in the UK.

Based on our survey results, we estimate that that by 2020 the market share for digitally-enabled motor insurance issued in these eleven countries could reach 17 per cent. This represents a market in excess of €15bn.

Our findings indicate that customers are ready for a new insurance offering, where insurers would be more than just a risk carrier. Our conclusion is that insurers who follow this path could emerge as winners in a redistribution of the market for motor policies.

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