FinSight Magazine - fifth edition

Foreword from David Dalton, Head of Financial Services, Deloitte

Welcome to the fifth edition of FinSight, a collection of the latest articles and perspectives from Deloitte professionals, as well as from experts and senior leaders across the financial services industry.

We publish against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty. Even while this edition has been in production, the sands have shifted under our feet. Optimism about vaccine breakthroughs has given way to frustration at supply constraints. Hope of a faster reopening of the economy turned to dismay at renewed restrictions continuing well into 2021. Relief at the conclusion of an eleventh-hour Brexit deal has faded into confusion at additional business hurdles and costs.


Whatever stage firms are at in setting the ‘reset’ button with their strategies, leadership will be an essential component in getting them to their desired future state. 
David Dalton, Partner and Head of Financial Services, Deloitte Ireland.

With all of that said, some trends are enduring. What is striking, in fact, is just how many of the themes we address in this edition were apparent even before COVID-19 struck. In many ways, the pandemic has accelerated developments that had been happening anyway, albeit more slowly. It is the speed and impact of these forces, as much as their very existence, that will shape the financial sector in the months and years ahead.

There are five key themes that leaders can explore in the fifth issue of FinSight:

  1. Digital first
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Role of collaboration
  4. New ways of working
  5. Brexit
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